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Description provides nearly all information associated to the discipline of Sociology. This website is developed chiefly for the reason that there are only a limited websites based on Sociology. Unfortunately, they also lack considerable data. Books of countless famous Sociologists can be effortlessly found in just about every single university library. But, to the degree that I know, the present-day generation finds it easier/cooler to surf the internet to gain info, thereby expanding their knowledge with the assistance of relevant websites.

Even though this website comprises many of my intellectual ideas, which are proved with evidences, this website is also almost entirely based on many books associated to the discipline of Sociology - a lot of information were acquired from "Encyclopedia of Sociology" (Edgar F Borgatta & Rhonda J. V. Montgomery), "Introduction to Sociology" - Wikibook (Ryan T. Cragun & Deboruh Cragun), and "The Basics of Sociology" (Kathy S. Stolley).

When I was learning Applied Sociology (which is considered as a sub-discipline of Sociology), I was given an assignment. I was unable to find books that could benefit me with the assignment. Nor was I able to find info on the internet. Hence, I e-mailed Prof. Michael M. Cernea, who is a famous Sociologist, Anthropologist, Political Scientist, and Economist, to acquire his support to finish my assignment. Luckily, he helped me out to finish the assignment by making available with much important information to me. He also advised me to do certain things if am to become a Sociologist. I think I should share it with you.

“Although there are clear differences between Social Anthropology and Sociology as disciplines, they also much overlap. Particularly in applied development work, both Anthropology and Sociology make -in essence-- the same kind of contribution about social structure, human behavior, institutions, and so on. In my own work, I combine my training in General Sociology, Social Theory, Anthropology, Economics and Political Science. And this has proved very helpful and effective for understanding both societies-at-large and small groups, and often to help improve their lives. Had I maintained an assumed "wall" between Social Anthropology and Sociology, I would have harmed my own work. In fact, you may find this idea in the first chapter of the book, "Putting People First". Mainly, never forget that, in addition to Sociology, you need to know a lot of good economics. Such a solid, yet multi-sided basis of knowledge will make your work more effective and useful for others, and also more gratifying for yourself.”

This website encompasses as many as 200 articles of several well-known writers, who serve as professors in popular Universities in the World. I find it important to mention here that many authors are from the United States of America.

I hope this website will be helpful. Despite my effort in giving you a very best site, there might be errors and withdrawals. So, please write your comments about this website. This will help me to make this website more useful for the users. You can post your comments through the Contact Us page.


(Syed)  Kamar Hussain

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